Smart AC servicing from Texa Konfort Touch

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Thursday 21 March 2024

Workshop technology specialist Texa has highlighted the benefits of its Konfort Touch range of air conditioning service stations.

The range is said to be simple to use, as its 10-inch colour touchscreen display, the Android operating system and its main service dashboard allow users to customise the charging operations and start them easily.

Speed of operation is another cited advantage; the navigation menu enhances the user experience and gathers all the key functions in the main page, says Texa, allowing users to complete the operations with absolute precision and in just a few steps.

Meanwhile the advanced connectivity of the system allows it, for example, to update automatically, receive remote assistance and connect to other devices, such as printers and smartphones. It also uses a search algorithm that identifies the vehicle in the extensive database simply by entering a keyword, therefore avoiding the traditional process whereby users must select a make and model.

“The great ease of use of the Konfort Touch range and its smart approach also lie in the possibility to use the Wi-Fi connectivity for a series of activities, such as: printing reports in A4 format; receiving software and firmware updates in real time; receiving remote technical assistance; connecting to the myTexa portal; [and] connecting with the Konfort Mobile App,” added Texa.

In addition to the technological benefits of the range, the owner of a Konfort Touch station can also count on constant after-sales assistance, adds the firm.

“To use this service, simply connect the station to the workshop’s Wi-Fi network, access the Applications page from the software interface and select Remote Assistance.

“From here, it is possible to ask for the help of a specialised technician who will take control of the Konfort Touch remotely to carry out maintenance activities in support of the operator at the workshop.

“For example, the technician can activate the station, check its operating status and any errors that it may have set, calibrate the scales, check the solenoid valves, and much more.”