Highway Automotive’s AC parts advice

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Friday 22 March 2024

CV component supplier Highway Automotive has detailed its perspective on some of the factors to consider when it comes to choosing air conditioning system replacement parts.

“Commercial vehicles are designed to cover hundreds of thousands of miles during their supply duties, so an unexpected breakdown, or failure, of one of their many systems is not an option,” said the company.

“Furthermore, a fully functioning air conditioning (AC) system is crucial because, along with the comfort of the driver both during summer and throughout the winter, comes their safety, as it is also able to provide an environment that can help them make better decisions and remain alert to potential dangers, as they travel to their destination.”

To be able to reach and maintain its target performance and provide the correct temperature and distribution of the air in the cabin, the AC system is complex, the firm adds, and relies on the refrigerant and oil mixture within it to be at the designed consistency and circulated at the proper pressure, to ensure it is operating at its optimum efficiency.

“Therefore, to maintain these standards and safeguard the comfort and safety of the driver, there is no place for making a mistake when choosing an AC replacement parts supplier, which is where Highway Automotive steps in.

“As a truck expert, Highway Automotive has a deserved reputation as a reliable replacement parts manufacturer that allows CV workshops and fleet operators to repair and maintain AC systems by providing them with high quality and dependable components that fit perfectly, but also come with assurance of a comprehensive warranty, all of which combines to satisfied customers and prosperous business relationships.

“The Highway Automotive AC system programme consists of 440 part numbers, including condensers, compressors, driers, expansion valves, evaporators, blowers and heaters, which cover 1100 OE numbers, making it the first choice solution for CV specialists. “

Nowadays, CVs are highly engineered workhorses and the AC system is no longer a luxurious addition, says Highway Automotive, but a standard requirement that must remain fully and properly functioning.

“Although best used all year round, the demand for specialised parts increases when sunny days arrive and drivers start using the AC system more often. Under conditions of intensive use, the only replacement parts that count are those that solve the problems unequivocally and reliably.”

The company outlines a range of considerations to take into account when selecting parts.

The packaging

“AC components are quite fragile, so it is very important for manufacturers to secure the product properly for transportation, which is an area in which Highway Automotive excels,” it said.

“The solid construction of the packaging it uses, along with additional protection provided inside the box, ensures damage free transportation and delivery.”

Additional protection

“Properly secured replacement parts should not just satisfy the logistics demands, they must also be protected from any kind of impurities that might get inside during transportation or installation, which is why additional protection – in the form of, for example, connector caps – is a must,” advised the company.

“AC components are precisely constructed items and impurities can easily block the coolant flow and influence their performance, so all Highway Automotive components are protected while in transit and in storage.”

Perfect fit

With a perfect fit being a key priority for repairers of CV AC systems, Highway Automotive says it refines every detail to ensure that every part fits perfectly and does not cause any problems during the installation process. “Furthermore, quick and easy installation is aided by the inclusion in the box of any required additional fitting components,” the company added.

Special features

Alongside the natural fragility of many AC components, they are also constantly exposed to additional factors such as high temperature and pressure, says Highway Automotive.

“As a result, professionals should consider choosing replacement components, like thermal exchangers for example, that come with an anticorrosion coating, which will prolong their service life and the functionality of the entire system,” it advised.

“Additional design improvements that are test-proven to ensure optimum performance and durability also add value, which is why the design of critical parts, such as the clutch or pulley of the compressors in the Highway Automotive range, were improved to ensure they deliver higher stress, temperature or pressure resistance.

“As can be appreciated, making the right choice is quite an art, so pay additional attention to: quality control during the manufacturing processes; tests conducted by the manufacturer to secure the best results; certification that can guarantee that the products are properly manufactured in accordance with applicable standards; business setup which ensures that support and warranty levels are maintained; [and] the history and craftmanship of the brand – invest in genuine quality and reputable manufacturers.”