Keeping cool on the move with Bosch

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Friday 22 March 2024

Bosch’s workshop product portfolio for the heavy commercial vehicle sector includes the ACS 810 air conditioning service units.

It is essential that air conditioning service units for heavy commercial vehicles are designed to cope with high system volumes, special features and the functions of large air conditioning systems,” said the company.

Bosch ACS 810 air conditioning (AC) service units are designed for specifically these demands and R134a-based AC systems with high capacities, featuring workshop-friendly hardware and a user-friendly menu navigation.

“There are also components optimised for bus systems and a complementary range of accessories. ACS 810 automatically manages recovery, recycling and refilling of refrigerant. Their five-metre service hoses can be connected to all R134a AC systems.

“Integrated two-litre oil bottles receive large amounts of compressor lubricant during the oil injection and recovery. A double fan ensures temperature control and constant refrigerant pressure during the recovery phase. This protects the internal components against over-heating.

“By means of the 0.5 bhp high-performance pump, the system is quickly filled with refrigerant. The integrated tank will hold up to 35 kg of refrigerant. These systems have the potential to be combined with Bosch Connected Repair to save valuable time.”

Two operation modes are available for the AC service: fully automatic or manual recovery, vacuum, and filling functions. A continuously updated database includes the values for practically all European cars, vans, LCVs, and trucks.

In the event that blockages, clogging or receiver-drier defects are identified, or if components need to be replaced, dirt particles must first be removed by thoroughly flushing the system,” added Bosch.

“For this purpose, an optional flushing kit can be ordered for ACS 810.”

Other units in the Bosch range include the ACS 863 (for R1234yf refrigerant), ACS 753 (for R134a) and complementary accessories.

“ACS 863 automatically detects the refrigerant used. The deep-recovery function of both of these devices means that heavy commercial vehicle AC systems can be almost completely drained. This function then facilitates a recovery rate of up to 99 per cent.”