VDO UK and Hummingbird Insurance Services Partner to Provide Tailored Insurance Solutions for HGV Fleets

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Friday 22 March 2024

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VDO UK, a leader in fleet management solutions, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Hummingbird Insurance Services to offer tailored insurance solutions for HGV fleets in the UK.

Ben Klarich, Head of UK Fleet Solutions for VDO UK, views this collaboration as a pivotal moment for VDO customers, both current and prospective.

“Insurance represents a significant expense for UK HGV fleets, and I am confident that Hummingbird can deliver exceptional service. This partnership goes beyond mere premiums; it enables fleets to leverage the data they collect, and collaborate with the Hummingbird team to tailor insurance solutions to their specific needs.”

Central to this partnership is the consideration of both telemetry data and tachograph information. Fleets are mandated to analyse various data points for compliance, yet many struggle to utilise this data effectively within their broader business operations, particularly concerning significant expenses like insurance.

The collaboration between VDO UK and Hummingbird aims to address this challenge. Hummingbird Insurance Services, as a brokerage created by industry experts with deep roots in the fleet sector, understands the unique challenges of operating an HGV fleet. This expertise positions them perfectly to provide comprehensive insurance solutions that align with the specific needs and challenges faced by HGV operators.

Ben Peters from Hummingbird expressed, “Partnering with VDO UK allows us to better support HGV fleets in navigating their insurance needs. By harnessing data insights and tailored solutions, we’re dedicated to providing fleet operators with the support they need to manage insurance costs effectively and ensure compliance.”

For HGV fleet operators seeking further details, please visit https://hisltd.uk/continentalvdo

Alternatively, you can email uk@vdo.com for additional information.

This partnership between VDO UK and Hummingbird Insurance Services signifies a commitment to empowering HGV fleets with tailored insurance solutions that leverage data insights to optimise efficiency, compliance, and cost-effectiveness.