Iveco outlines benefits of EV portfolio

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Thursday 25 April 2024

Vehicle manufacturer Iveco has detailed the key features of its latest electric vehicle offerings for the heavy goods and light commercial sectors.

“Iveco has long been a pioneer of alternative fuels, helping customers improve efficiency while reducing emissions,” said the company.

“Electric vehicles are a key element in its multi-energy approach to drive the road for change towards zero emissions with solutions that don’t compromise on customer profitability or business productivity.”

The new Iveco S-eWay is the marque’s first electric heavy-duty truck fully manufactured by Iveco.

Capable of satisfying an extensive selection of missions, such as hub-to-hub or hub-to-city, the all-electric Iveco S-eWay features a range of up to 500km. This vehicle is powered by an innovative battery system consisting of nine 82kWh batteries totalling 738kWh,” said Iveco.

“Fast charging at up to 350kW, S-eWay can recharge 80% of battery SOC in 90 minutes. These batteries have been tested in real-world conditions, facing extreme temperatures from -30 to +50°C to perfect the advanced thermal management system.

“The 4×2 S-eWay tractor unit is powered by a dual-motor eAxle by FPT Industrial, Iveco’s sister brand specialised in advanced powertrain technologies, producing 480kW continuous power and 1,800Nm of torque. Not only does the eAxle grant best-in-class dynamic performance, but its compact design allows all battery modules to reside within the chassis – negating the need for a battery ‘backpack’ on the cab.

“This packaging enables Iveco S-eWay operators to take full advantage of trailer lengths and minimise the turning circle. Six regenerative braking drive modes will help maximise efficiency while giving the driver greater control over drivetrain behaviour.

“The spacious cab features impressive levels of storage, a focus on ergonomics, and a suite of technology. A large 12.8-inch digital driver’s display has been designed to show only the most relevant information to reduce cognitive load.”

Further feature include a 17-inch infotainment display with larger icons for ease of navigation, and a heavy truck-specific navigation system which highlights route restrictions based on trailer weight, load size, and hazardous material classification.

Meanwhile, the Iveco eDaily’s modular battery technology gives it a range of up to 400km in urban real-world usage, says Iveco – and a fourth battery can now be configured on 72C 7.2 tonne GVW 5100mm chassis cab models.

“Extending battery capacity to 148kWh enables a range of up to 240km,” said the manufacturer.

“Three and four-battery Iveco eDaily also receive faster 115kW rapid charging, granting 100km of range in as little as 20 minutes. Additionally, chassis cab vehicles gain the flexibility of an optional side-mounted charging port to optimise convenience for drivers.”

The eDaily’s 15kW ePTO capabilities have also been extended, now offering 50kW of power in high voltage and mechanical ePTO forms.

“This significant increase in power can now provide a zero-emission solution for equipment used in demanding specialised missions such as gully cleaning, firefighting, snow ploughing, garbage collection and more,” said the firm.

Meanwhile, the Iveco eDaily 42S with 4.25-tonne GVW can now be optioned with Air-Pro Pneumatic suspension.

“This unique continuous damping suspension provides a smooth ride while also reducing body roll,” said Iveco.

“A useful feature of Air-Pro is its memory function which can adjust the vehicle chassis height for unloading and save it via the memory function for repeat deliveries.”