EV conversion expertise from CoolVan

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Tuesday 21 May 2024

LCV conversion specialist CoolVan provides a range of refrigerated and freezer vans to its food, farm and pharmaceutical customers, including electric models.

“Those who run fleets and those, like us, who convert and sell into fleets are at a crossroads,” said Aaron Firth, general manager at CoolVan.

“Our supply from the OEMs is dependent on our takeup, in many instances of a percentage of electric vans.

“Our challenge with electric vans is threefold. One, we need to ensure that our fridge suppliers and our fridge engineers have an applicable product and the skills required.

“Two, we have to ensure the conversion is fit for purpose, that there is sufficient payload and that the fridge unit itself is efficient and not drawing too much power from the vehicle.

“Three, that we offer the electric fridge van option to those customers who will benefit most, and have the least compromises and, that there is sufficient information for our customers to make an informed choice.

“We’ve trained our fridge engineers; our fridge suppliers have developed and continue to develop a product fit for purpose.”

CoolVan’s research and development has led it to develop a sustainable material strategy that makes all its vans, including electrics, lighter, longer-lasting, more thermally efficient and better for the environment, says Aaron.

“It’s a win, win, and we are not finished yet. What this proves is that one challenge, when approached from an holistic perspective, can lead to solutions that have far greater benefit than perhaps the original brief.

“CoolVan continues to develop innovative solutions, to collect more data and to have better information for our customer.”

Aaron adds that the firm wants the choice between internal combustion and electric fridge vans to be one of information, rather than misinformation.

“When you start on the road towards sustainability, to manufacturing responsibly, it can become an obsession; I think for now we are just the right side of passionate and determined,” he concluded.