Cubo aids drivers with City Smart Pro

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Thursday 23 May 2024

Technology provider Cubo has outlined the benefits of its City Smart Pro product, which it says meets all the requirements of Direct Vision Standard (DVS) and focuses on reducing the driver’s cognitive workload, while giving them a wider field of vision by eliminating remaining blind spots.

“The side camera has integrated artificial intelligence (AI) which calculates the likelihood of a collision in the nearside blind spot,” said Cubo.

“By identifying the speed of vulnerable road users, it differentiates between ‘roadside furniture’ and moving objects and only alerts the driver of potential hazards and therefore helps to prevent collisions.”

Key features include a front blind spot camera with driver alerts, audible left turn alert, side blind-spot camera with driver alerts, a blind-side detection system which uses an AI scanner to detect VRUs and alert the driver, and an in-cab monitor and driver alerts.

“Cubo’s City Smart for DVS goes above and beyond to meet our requirements for increased workforce and road safety,” said Stephen Bremner, fleet and H&S director at L Lynch Plant Hire & Haulage.

“Their dedicated service team is always happy to help, and my account manager is always on hand to provide support.”

Said Cubo: “If integrating City Smart Pro with our live 4G video telematics recorder (Camera Smart Pro) you will receive the added benefit that all AI-triggered events will be recorded to the in-vehicle DVR.

“City Smart Pro meets blind spot information system (BSIS) and camera monitoring system requirements by integrating the AI sensing technology into the cameras and therefore eliminating the need to install additional sensors.

“By using AI camera detection, the installation time is reduced by over half compared to installing ultrasonic sensors.

“The external speaker will be muted automatically at night to prevent noise pollution: auto off for alerts between 11:30pm and 7am – no driver action required.”