Driving up urban safety with Microlise

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Thursday 23 May 2024

Technology provider Microlise has explained how its products are helping fleet customers to ensure road safety through enhanced vision and technology, including for the Direct Vision Standard (DVS).

“The implementation of the DVS by Transport for London is a crucial step towards mitigating the risks associated with limited visibility from HGVs in urban areas,” said Stephen Watson, director of product for Microlise.

“To make these standards work in practice, technology has an essential role to play. Microlise Group, a leading global provider of innovative technology solutions, is helping transport operators to adapt to these new standards…

“Microlise’s ClearVision multi-camera DVS solution allows fleets to bridge the gap between regulatory requirements and practical, on-the-ground vehicle safety enhancements.”

The ClearVision system is designed to meet current standards, says Stephen, while also anticipating stricter requirements in future.

“It includes advanced features such as AI-powered blind-spot information systems and moving-off alerts. These in-cab warnings significantly enhance driver awareness and safety, helping avoid potential accidents. The blind-spot cameras within the system not only aid immediate situational awareness but also record footage for detailed analysis.”

A new addition to the Microlise suite of safety technology solutions is an AI Distraction Camera under the ClearVision brand, which targets driver distraction.

“Leveraging artificial intelligence, this driver-facing camera monitors and analyses driver behaviour in real-time, identifying activities such as mobile phone use, eating, or any form of distracted driving,” Stephen explained.

“Upon detection, it provides immediate auditory and visual alerts to the driver, prompting corrective action. Fleets using this technology have reported an 80 per cent reduction in their drivers using mobile phones behind the wheel.

“The integration of ClearVision cameras with a comprehensive fleet management platform allows transport professionals to both monitor and analyse driver performance. This data-driven approach means that fleet managers can make targeted interventions that help to improve road safety, from coaching to strategic fleet management decisions.

“Large vehicles, such as delivery vans and bin lorries, are a common sight in city centres. Technologies like those developed by Microlise are vital in fostering a safer coexistence between these vehicles and vulnerable road users – including pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists – through enhanced direct vision and proactive monitoring of driver behaviours.”