Truck Door Windows bring visible benefits

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Thursday 23 May 2024

With the Transport for London (TfL) Direct Vision Standard (DVS) Phase 2 Progressive Safe System (PSS) compliance deadline approaching, Truck Door Windows reports that it is increasingly busy.

The firm supplies and installs its own designed and manufactured near side lower door windows.

“Our window leaves the passenger window fully operable,” said Truck Door Windows.

“We also provide a retrofit solution to render an OEM ‘fixed’ passenger window ‘operable’ (contact us directly for a quote for your specific vehicle). In many cases our windows are specified by operators who are looking to provide their drivers with the greatest degree of visibility from the driving seat regardless of legislation.

“We have also developed a range of windows for the rear quarter of truck cabs as well as cab rear windows which further enhance drivers’ vision from their driving position, which have already been adopted by some high volume fleet operators to great effect.”

The company continued: “In 2023 we added the supply and installation of high quality AI camera detection systems to comply with TfL’s DVS Phase 2 requirement from 28 October 2024.

“The basic compliance system includes an AHD monitor, BSIS and MOIS cameras, warning buzzer, left turn speaker, warning sign and low speed trigger module warranted for two years.”

A 2TB DVR can also be added for an additional cost, or both DVR and live streaming functionality with a further subscription.

“We remain as always here to help make your trucks safer in operation, and are always happy to consult when required,” said the firm.