AdBlue tips from Certas Lubricant Solutions

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Friday 24 May 2024

Certas Lubricant Solutions has provided advice for fleet operators around various aspects of AdBlue handling, quality and procurement.

“Like all chemicals AdBlue needs to be handled with care,” advised the company. “But other than gloves, it isn’t normally necessary to wear protective clothing when dispensing AdBlue. Any spilled AdBlue can easily be washed off the skin with water. But AdBlue can cause stains on clothes or upholstery.”

In terms of gauging the quality of the product, Certas advised: “AdBlue should always be a colourless clear liquid. If you buy drums or cans, watch out for brand names that sound similar to AdBlue. You could be dealing with an inferior product.”

It added that purchasers should ensure AdBlue is bought from a VDA-licensed partner and that the container or dispensing system cites ISO 22241.

“If you use your own storage system, it must be specifically designed for AdBlue,” Certas advised.

“If you decide to use a homemade system, remember that many materials are not resistant to AdBlue. Storing AdBlue in the wrong equipment can lead to contamination and costly damage to your vehicles.”

If AdBlue is accidentally put in a vehicle diesel tank, Certas advises: “Do not start your engine! Depending on the amount of AdBlue, you could damage your engine. You should empty and clean your tank. Make sure you empty the whole tank and discard the mixture. For further instructions on emptying and cleaning your tank, please contact your vehicle supplier.”

If diesel is accidentally put in the AdBlue tank, meanwhile, the advice again is not to start the engine.

“Even the slightest drop of diesel will pollute the AdBlue in your tank. One drop of diesel is quite enough to ruin 20 litres of AdBlue, and running with polluted AdBlue will disrupt your SCR system. To prevent further damage to your engine, it’s best to contact your vehicle manufacturer. You may need to replace certain components in the AdBlue system.”

On spillages, Certas said: “A small AdBlue spill can be diluted with water. It’s best to mop up the spillage and avoid flushing it down a drain or waterway. In case of a large spill, try to prevent the spillage from entering drains or waterways. Contain the spill with sand, earth or a spill kit and dispose of it properly. Spill kits are available in different sizes and sets.

It added: “Never try to reuse spilled AdBlue! Spilled AdBlue will always be contaminated. Using contaminated AdBlue can cause costly damage to your engine and SCR system, so no matter how large the spill, you cannot reuse any of it.”

The GreenChem AdBlue offered by Certas is high-quality and ISO 22241 compliant, the company says, adding that specialist distribution warehouses store the product at optimal conditions.

“We can offer delivery within five working days and competitive pricing,” said the firm.

It can also provide dispensing equipment including electric pumps, hand pumps and IBC dispensers.

Readers can find more information or request a quote by contacting Certas Lubricant Solutions via the website.