Lloyd Morgan Group: tips for Transport Manager CPC success

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Thursday 30 June 2022

Lloyd Morgan Group, which delivers nationwide Transport Manager CPC training for both the HGV and PSV sectors, has issued advice for those looking to undertake the qualification.

“Transport Manager Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) is a legal requirement of an operator licence,” said the company.

“To gain this qualification is challenging and intense. There are two exams, a multiple choice and a case study that candidates are required to pass. Dropping back into ‘exam mode’ can be difficult for some candidates, especially those who have not undertaken ‘education’ style learning/training for several years.”

The company advised: “Revise each day in small and manageable chunks allows for the information to be absorb better and yes there is a lot to absorb. Cramming it all in may work for some but not many.

“Ask questions. Your trainer is an expert and is there to help you pass. Make sure you use this resource and engage with your trainer who is always happy to impart their knowledge.

“Undertake the homework that is set; it’s there to assist your learning and those that approach the homework with positivity often fare better.

“Don’t be shy in coming forward if you need help. A good trainer should spot who is struggling and be able and willing to assist but if not, just ask.

“Undertake some training beforehand. If you have not had any or much operational exposure before commencing your CPC, then it’s recommended taking a course that allows for a general overview, like an Operator Licence Awareness Training Course, to help build a fundamental understanding.”

The company concluded: “Gaining a Transport Manager CPC is hard as the standards are high and rightly so given the importance and responsibilities that come with being a transport manager.

“But a positive approach, some previous experience or training and most importantly finding a supportive, knowledgeable, and approachable trainer to guide you through is all you need to pass this qualification first time – good luck!”