Schumacher booster packs from JHM Butt

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Wednesday 1 November 2023

JHM Butt & Co Ltd’s equipment range includes Schumacher professional booster packs, which the company says are must-have tools for any garage or CV workshop that has experienced the annoyance of a dead battery.

“These powerful booster packs provide a quick and easy way to jumpstart a car or truck, eliminating the need for a second vehicle or booster cables,” said JHM Butt.

“Schumacher is a trusted name in the world of automotive tools and equipment, and their booster packs are no exception. The company offers a wide range of booster packs to suit different needs and budgets, from compact models suitable for motorcycles and small cars to heavy-duty packs capable of jumpstarting large diesel engines.

“One of the standout features of Schumacher booster packs is their advanced battery technology, which allows for longer use between charges and faster charging times. Additionally, many of the models come equipped with a range of useful features such as built-in lights for night-time use, USB ports for charging mobile devices, and digital displays for easy monitoring of battery levels.

“JHM Butt supplies a variety of Schumacher booster packs to ensure that our customers have access to the perfect tool for their needs.”

The selection includes the Schumacher SOS Mobile Booster 12/24V 6400/3200CA, said to be the ultimate solution for jumpstarting large diesel engines and powering tools and electronics while on the go.

“This range of boosters comes with a polarity protection buzzer that warns you if the wrong lead is connected to the wrong battery terminal,” said JHM Butt.

Also available is the Schumacher SOS NATO Mobile Booster 24V 1600CA, a heavy-duty option certified by NATO, and capable of jumpstarting larger vehicles and diesel engines.

Meanwhile, the Schumacher SOS Battery Booster Pack Micro 12V 700CA is suitable for jumpstarting most cars and small trucks. It is suitable for petrol engines up to 350HP, and for diesel engines up to 250HP .